MACHAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and study of amphibians and reptiles through advocacy, education, and execution of research by professional herpetologists and ecologists in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Major partners and funding sources for programs include the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Natural Resources Conservation Service (US Department of Agriculture), United States Fish & Wildlife Service, and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Major MACHAC projects also include the study and recovery of state and federally-listed amphibians and reptiles, notably important initiatives centered on the Bog Turtle and Eastern Massasauga.

Founded in 2010, MACHAC has quickly proven to be a leading organization for amphibian and reptile research and conservation projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Driven by a unique and distinguished group of staff and associates with practical herpetology, ecology, and conservation planning backgrounds, MACHAC has become an important partner for state and federal agencies, NGOs, and the private sector.

The organization was created, in part, to give agencies and funders a fiscally responsible outlet for project partnerships while at the same time matching the highest quality researchers through MACHAC staff and research associate programs. This approach has created a central clearinghouse for expert and objective amphibian and reptile research initiatives. Ultimately, MACHAC aims to meld good science with amphibian and reptile advocacy and public outreach, bridging the gap between researchers, land-use decision makers, and public stakeholders.